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Water made easy 



water filter

Get equipped with an easy-install faucet water filter that changes the water you have into pure and great-tasting goodness.

Delivered right to your door, our faucet filters will immediately make life your life easier ... and more hydrated!

ALL Tapp Water faucet and filter products are sustainable, accessible, affordable.

Why do we need a Tapp Water revolution?

growing plant in a glass

     450 years

the average time it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose

healthy planet

60 million

the number of plastic bottles used EVERY DAY

plastic bottles ocean

937 million

the number of plastic bottles expected to be in the ocean by 2030

Our Mission

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All our water filter products are designed to provide affordable, clean, and safe drinking water to the user immediately.

No waiting around for water to run through a filter.


No spending on plastic bottles bound for the landfill.

No lugging massive bottles from the store.


Just clean drinking water, whenever you want it.

So you can spend your time doing the things that actually need your energy.

How are Tapp Water products different?

Let us show you...

How will Tapp Water products benefit me?

Let us explain...

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Easy Installation

All Tapp Water products can be fitted to most faucets easily, in minutes.


No plumbers or tools needed.


You just put the filter system on your tap and flip the switch for either regular water (like for doing your dishes) or filtered water (to drink) straight out of your existing faucet head.

Depending on the system, the filter must be changed every 1-6 months. 

Our Carbon Filters

Our activated filters come from coconut fibre (isn't that bananas?) and are biodegradable, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer.

All filters are BPA-free and filter out ALL impurities which can be present in tap water, including micro-plastics, 'forever chemicals', Chlorine and Chloramine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and pathogens.


Isn't it wild just how much yuck our water can contain? Won't you sleep a little better knowing none of it is ending up in your body?

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Our Products

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Thanks for helping the environment!

Here at Tappwater, we are doing things a little differently...

10% of all our profits go directly towards providing community services in our home of St.Kitts.

So we all can enjoy a life made a little easier. 

Thank you for your support.

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