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Dabbing in Water

About Us

Our mission: to provide sustainable, affordable and convenient products for every day use that eliminate the need for bottled water. We strive to make our customer's lives easier and more enjoyable while making a positive environmental impact for future generations.

Who We Are

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We believe in the power of innovation driving the change of everyday habits to protect present and future generations.​

And let's just get one thing clear. You're only as healthy as the water you drink. 

We’re committed to making everyday life better - and if you ask us, there’s an obvious place to start... in your kitchen.

Regular tap water can often leave a bad taste in your mouth. This drives a lot of people to use bottled water, which isn’t much better. It contains microplastics and single-use means a quickly mounting pile of used bottles washing up on our shores.

With lead, chlorine, and various other contaminants finding their way into your system, it can seem pretty easy to lose hope.

Not us. We’re ‘glass half full’ kind of people ( long as we know what it’s full of).

Our products are designed and engineered to improve your peace of mind, your body’s health and the health of the environment we live in.

Try us on for size. You’ll be glad you did.

TAPP Water started in 2014 when Magnus from Sweden and Alex from Germany decided to create a simpler and more affordable way for consumers to have access to pure clean drinking water at home.

They hoped to solve the four main problems with drinking tap water:

  • Taste - Bottled water is often preferred because most people do not like the taste of tap water even if it meets safety standards. It's also a question of trust, as many people simply don't trust their water. 

  • Plastic Bottles - over 481.6 BILLION plastic bottles are used worldwide in a single year. Very little is recycled, and plenty of plastic never makes it to recycling and ends up in landfill or discarded because only 25% is ever collected. Source: Habits of Waste

  • Microplastics - When plastic gets into our environment it often ends up in our water system as microplastics; which we can then end up drinking. It also may surprise you to know it takes 3 litres of water to make a 1L plastic bottle. Source: One Green Planet

  • Cost - Finally consumers have to buy, carry home, and throw away bottles. For this they pay almost 1000 times more than tap water. As if this wasn’t enough the plastic leeches into the water which means that our bodies get contaminated with BPA and phathalates. Disgusting. Source: One Green Planet

TAPP EcoPro is the worlds first smart biodegradable water filter  that anyone can install and that provides clean and fresh water directly from the tap in a sustainable way.


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Espo Water Solutions

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Beach Ocean

Tapp Water products are distributed in the Caribbean by Espo Water Solutions, a company dedicated to providing quality, sustainable solutions to water issues faced by all.


Espo Water Solutions is committed to:

  • Providing safe, healthy & great-tasting water

  • Reducing plastic pollution

  • Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Ensuring convenient and efficient service

  • Providing accessible products

  • Providing affordable options for every consumer

Our company was conceptualized based on what we saw on our home island of St.Kitts: plastic pollution and the lack of alternatives to single use plastic bottles.


Our team saw the incredible amount of single use plastics on the beaches, in the ocean and on the streets. We wanted to provide people with environmentally-friendly possibilities for safe consumption.

Our mission is to provide solutions that are sustainable. We service all residents in the CARICOM region, including those in the residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Tappwater products are just one of our many offerings. 


Check out our website here for more information.​

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